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Declutter Your Kitchen With These Easy Tips!

Declutter Your Kitchen With These Easy Tips!

September 17, 2020


After having a chaotic day, you just want to enter your kitchen, make dinner, and leave. The day, however, would only get worse when you enter your kitchen and see it in such a messy state. And we don’t mean a messy state caused by dirty dishes but one that’s caused by too much clutter.


Sadly, when your kitchen is small, you have to deal with a lot of clutter because of little space. Or do you?  We will be providing helpful tips that will make the kitchen of your Adelaide home clutter-free and spacious.



Get a Rack


What clutters a kitchen space are things that don’t seem to have a place. Things like napkins, knives, spoons, etc. that we mostly leave lying around in our kitchens make our kitchen look messy. One way you can tackle these stray items is by getting a rack.


Never underestimate the usefulness of a rack. Get a rack that has hooks and hang it on your kitchen wall. With a rack, you can hang stray napkins, spoons, colanders, etc. You can hang anything. You could also get a magnetic rack where you can hang your knives and utensils. Racks will clear up space and make your utensils easily available.





Although backsplashes are mostly used to protect the walls of your sink, you can also use it to free up your kitchen space. You can get a pegboard backsplash and hang or store utensils there. You can keep a cheese grater, cups, coffee mugs, etc. on the pegboard backsplash. 


The backsplash will protect your walls from stains and a form of storage. Why not give us a call at Hills Robes to help you with improving your Adelaide kitchen? You will get a wide array of backsplash designs to choose from.



Utilize Every Space


Sadly, when you don’t have enough space in the kitchen, you can’t be fussy. You will have to find a way to use any space you can find in your kitchen to clear up space. If you have empty places around your freezer and fridge, why not hang a rack there and keep some pans? You may even have to take your kitchen tools outside your kitchen. If you have space you’re not using in your house, you can keep some of your tools there.





Utilize your cabinets. Cabinets have to be one of the greatest inventions to grace all our kitchens. With plenty of cabinets, you can dedicate enough space to your kitchen tools. You can leave a cabinet for plates, knives, utensils, etc. You can even keep your electric mixer in one of your cabinets along with different pans. 





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