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Check out Hills Robes & Kitchens’ Adelaide showroom

Check out Hills Robes & Kitchens’ Adelaide showroom

Hills Robes & Kitchens’ Adelaide Showroom


Do you want a source of inspiration for your home renovation? Come and visit Hills Robes & Kitchens’ Adelaide showroom. If you are considering a new wardrobe, kitchen or laundry, or perhaps a blended storage solution, like a combined entertainment unit/robe for your bedroom, popping into our showroom is the best way to jumpstart your design brain and see up-close many interior design concepts, that you’ve only seen in magazines.

Located in Salisbury South, in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, the Hills Robes & Kitchens premises, blends a state of the art manufacturing facility with a sophisticated design space, showcasing the best of our wardrobe, kitchen and laundry concepts, along with our exceptional selection of appliances and cabinetry materials.


Visiting Hills Robes & Kitchens’ Adelaide showroom will give you the motivation and inspiration that you’ve been looking for, to get your home upgrade underway finally. Bounce ideas off our experienced consultants, discuss a custom design project, get a preliminary idea of pricing for various materials and book an appointment for your complimentary, in-home design session and quote.

Experiencing a design concept in person will give you a bright idea of whether or not it will work within your home. Some design ideas are great in theory, but you don’t know if they’ll work for you until you’ve given them a test-run—many a furniture item ends up in the thick refuse pile for this very reason. Only once you’ve tried something for yourself, is it possible to know what you want and what will suit you exactly, ergonomically and stylistically.


Try out those push-to-open doors, put yourself at the centre of various kitchen layouts, see if the wardrobe schematic you have envisioned, will work better with sliding and hinged doors. It’s all there, waiting to capture your imagination, at Hills Robes & Kitchens in Adelaide.

At Hills Robes & Kitchens, we have always been proud to offer our Adelaide customers the most exceptional selection of wardrobe, kitchen and laundry materials. Our ability to now showcase our products in the showroom, before making style decisions, is exciting; it means that our customers can have a better planning experience, and we can put them at the heart of the design process.


Hills Robes & Kitchen strives tobring you Adelaide’s most extensive range of colour and style options, to allow for the creation of genuinely personalised products. The breadth of choice can be confusing and overwhelming for some, particularly those with no experience in home improvement, but once they’ve seen the quality of our products and finishes firsthand, they feel informed and empowered to make project decisions.


When each customer views our Adelaide showroom, it’s incredible how their design vision clicks into place, and yours can do too! You can see the excitement on faces as visitors view the stunning possibilities and see their design dream begin to manifest into reality.


Don’t get stuck with a wardrobe layout that doesn’t work, or a kitchen that looks stunning, but is bothersome to use. Choose Adelaide Hills Robes and Kitchens to help with your project and enjoy the clarity and peace of mind that comes from having viewed your chosen design and finishes up-close.



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