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Built-In Robes Are Must in New Homes. Here`s Why!

Built-In Robes Are Must in New Homes. Here`s Why!

May 05, 2022

Look around you today, and you will find many unique structures and buildings that beat your imagination. Of course, these buildings look great, but the in-house facilities determine how functional they can be. These facilities help ensure comfortable living for homeowners while also adding to the interior design.


Prioritising the in-house facilities does not necessarily mean ignoring the house's aesthetics. It only demands that you emphasise ensuring you get everything right.


One vital facility that every house should have is a wardrobe. Every room in the house should have a wardrobe for organisation purposes. A wardrobe is a tall piece of furniture used to store clothes and other accessories. The importance of a wardrobe has never been in doubt. However, there have been debates over which type of wardrobe is ideal for modern homes.


The freestanding wardrobe has been an ever-present design. But it is slowly becoming outdated due to the rise of built-in robes. You can find this trending wardrobe design in many modern homes. Expert interior designers have endorsed this wardrobe type for new homes, and many new home builders have since taken this cue. This article will highlight why built-in robes are a must for new homes.


Are Built-In Robes A Must for New Homes?

As earlier stated, many home builders have since realised the benefits of built-in robes and are adding them to their new structures. Here are some reasons why this wardrobe is considered a must for new homes.


  • Space Maximisation

Rooms in many new homes are often not up to the standard sizes due to a lack of adequate spaces. Therefore, it often begs the need to maximise the available space, and built-in robes are great fits. In addition, the versatility of this wardrobe type makes it ideal for both small and larger rooms. Therefore, it is often a favourite when maximising spaces in new homes.


  • Adds Style to Your Interior

Another reason for the widespread use of built-in robes is that it significantly adds to the interior designs. Built-in robes often have an elegant look, and this elegance can easily rub off on your interior. This wardrobe type also allows you to be creative, and you can choose an ideal layout that fits the design of your rooms.


  • Customised Storage

Freestanding cabinets are often pre-designed, thereby limiting you to the designs available. On the other hand, built-in robes allow you to choose the exact layout and design you want for your wardrobe. This feature means you can have the wardrobes in your new home customised to your taste.


  • Lighting

Most built-in robes have coordinated lighting, a rare feature for freestanding cabinets. You can add as much lighting to your built-in robes to eliminate the need for flashlights whenever you need to find something. The lights can also add beauty to your wardrobe and room designs.



Yes, built-in robes are a must for new homes because their benefits are too much to ignore. However, you can only get the best from built-in robes when they are well-constructed. Therefore, you should only entrust this job to professionals with a proven track record for the best results.




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