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Built-In Robes Are a Must for New Builds! Here`s Why!

Built-In Robes Are a Must for New Builds! Here`s Why!

January 04, 2024

Robes are not usually at the top of your list when moving to a new Adelaide home. However, having enough storage space should be a priority. Chaos and clutter can easily take their toll on your life over time. That is why built-in robes are a must for any new Adelaide home.


Unlike standard wardrobes, built-in robes offer much more than just storage space. With built-in robes, your Adelaide home will be cleaner and more organised. Here are some of the reasons why built-in robes are essential for any Adelaide home:


More Storage Space


It does not matter if your Adelaide home is large or small. Any family can benefit from more storage space. That is why built-in robes are popular. Unlike mass-produced wardrobes, built-in robes are customised. They are made to measure. So they will fit the exact space you have in your Adelaide home.


Sometimes, the room you have is not ideally shaped. Only built-in robes can help you make the most of awkwardly shaped spaces or tight corners. Your Adelaide built-in robes will be designed to fit exactly the shape and size of the available space. So, you can ensure that not an inch of potential storage space in your Adelaide home goes to waste.


Better Organised Room


With the right Adelaide built-in robes, you will store all your clothing in one place. Built-in robes can be designed to hold everything from outerwear to shoes and accessories. You can also customise your Adelaide built-in robes' layout and storage solutions. This way, everything you have will be neatly stored.


Shelves, drawers, shoe racks, and built-in robes can be fully customised with the necessary storage options. This way, you can easily find the items you need. Everything will have a home in your Adelaide built-in robes.


No Cleaning Hassle


As built-in robes fit perfectly into your space, they will be easier to clean. Your Adelaide built-in robes will span from floor to ceiling. These will not just maximise your storage space. It will also help you avoid having difficulty cleaning areas above or beneath the robes. With built-in robes, you will not need to climb up or reach below the wardrobes to clean them.


At Hills Robes, we are Adelaide’s most trusted name in built-in and walk-in wardrobes. All our robes are crafted at our local state-of-the-art Adelaide manufacturing facility. These help us keep our premium quality standards and fully customise the built-in robes to your needs.


Our Adelaide built-in robes can be fully customised on both the outside and the inside. You can choose from various storage solutions to suit your requirements. Whether it is pull-out storage, shoe racks, hanging space, or drawers, we cover all storage needs. Our Adelaide built-in robes are also available in various colours and finishes to complement any home style.


Make the most of your Adelaide home’s storage space. Contact us now!



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