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Adding a Wardrobe Means Adding Value to Your Adelaide Property...Here`s Why!

Adding a Wardrobe Means Adding Value to Your Adelaide Property...Here`s Why!

March 07, 2021


Anything that can impress buyers adds value to property!  So it's no surprise that a wardrobe would add value to your Adelaide property. Wardrobes, both built and walk-in, have been sought after lately due to the aesthetic and functional appeal they serve.

The part of a property many buyers look at before purchasing is the bedroom area. They will be spending a lot of time and keeping many things there. It's only fitting a wardrobe would influence their decision. Here is how a wardrobe on your Adelaide property will add value to it.

More space to deal with

Adding wardrobes to your Adelaide home will create more space in your home. When you don't have any or bad wardrobes, you'll be forced to keep your belongings in random places.  Hanging your bags on the wall, putting shoes in a shoe rack etc., are some things that can make a home look cluttered. 

Once you don't have proper storage space for your things, your entire home will become a storage space. Since wardrobes help declutter homes, it's not far-fetched to say it frees up space too. Homebuyers always look out for space before buying any house, so this will work in your favour.

Easier living

When we say wardrobes, we don't only mean in the bedroom area; it could also apply in the kitchen area. A wardrobe can also function as a pantry in your kitchen where you can keep your food products. A wardrobe also makes cleaning the house easier because you don't need to start raising things up to sweep. 

All your clothes and accessories will also be within reach when you have a big enough wardrobe. This makes it easier to access all of your things without having to walk around your Adelaide home.

What buyer wouldn't want your home?

With wardrobes, your Adelaide home will be coming with more space and accessible storage spaces. Your wardrobe, whether built-in or walk-in, is bound to get the attention of multiple buyers as it will fulfil all the storage needs they want. 

Adequate wardrobe space is quickly becoming a thing of the past, so it's well appreciated. Now, imagine having a custom wardrobe that fulfils every hanging, cupboard and storing need? If that sounds nice to you, then you'd love Hills Robes.

We can bring any wardrobe design you think or even dream of to life! All you need to do is contact us with the specifications, design and finishes you want. 

Schedule a no-obligation measure and quote with us so we can answer all your questions.




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