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A Guide to Choosing Your Wardrobe Layout in Adelaide

A Guide to Choosing Your Wardrobe Layout in Adelaide

December 16, 2021

When you're designing your wardrobe, don't neglect its layout. You'd be so busy choosing finishes and layers that you'd forget to consider its layout. The layout of your wardrobe defines how easy it will be to use and operate; does the door of your wardrobe open easily? Do you have a hanger rod that is taller than you? Is it necessary to stretch to hang your clothes?

You can face all these potential problems with Adelaide wardrobes if you have poor layouts. In addition, the layout that works for another person may not work for you; you'll need to consider your needs before choosing.

Here is a guide that'll help you choose the best wardrobe layout for your Adelaide home.

Utilise the lower space

While designing their wardrobes, many people tend to neglect the lower side of their wardrobes. Putting your cupboards and clothes hangar high when there's still space on the lower side is a waste of space. If there's an excess space below, there's no reason to ignore it. And also, if you're short, reaching up to get your belongings will be difficult.

So focus more on your wardrobe's lower or medium section for your clothes and daily wears. For example, put shoes you don't use very often on the top shelf of your closet, which is mostly applicable for built-in wardrobes, however for walk-in closets, you can store your belongings within reach.

Don't prioritise your clothes

Clothes are the most worn item anybody has, but how many of them do you wear? Merely looking at your clothes will have you thinking you wear them all, but once you arrange your wardrobe, you'll realise you barely wear half.

Dedicating the majority of your wardrobe space to clothes is a mistake you'll come to regret because your jewellery, jeans, and other items will be left out. Instead, get various storage boxes to store clothes that you don't often wear so you can keep track of what you have. Then, you can plan your bathroom arrangement around the clothes you've left behind.

So while you're choosing a wardrobe layout, consider your other items as well.

Try folding your clothes

If you're looking for ways to manage space, you'll want to cut down on the hanging space and go for compartments or cupboards. For example, clothing items like jeans or sweaters are much better folded, especially when you don't have much space to deal with them.

Fold the rest of the garments and hang the ones that can't be folded, such as jackets and gowns, and you'll discover that there's plenty of room for you. Also, go for layouts that give you enough folding space.

Leave extra space

Do you plan to use up all the space you have in your wardrobe? If you'll be buying clothes numerous times in a month. Where will you keep all your new clothes if you use up all the space in your wardrobe?

So select a layout that gives you space for new clothes, shoes or any other type of clothing.

Choosing a layout is not a size fits all because what works for another person might not work for you. Do you need help choosing a custom wardrobe layout that suits your needs? Message Hills Robes, we have the premium solutions that'll help.




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