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A Complete Guide to Designing your Dream Build-in Wardrobe in Adelaide

A Complete Guide to Designing your Dream Build-in Wardrobe in Adelaide

October 07, 2021

Who says you need to hire a designer for your built-in wardrobe? You have all you need to design your dream wardrobe in Adelaide. The first thing you should know is that you shouldn’t let yourself get carried away by glamorous built-in robes designs.


It would be best to look more at functionality than aesthetics because many people tend to make mistakes at this stage. So keep on reading to know how you can design your dream-in wardrobe: 


Available Space 


Built-in robes utilise the free space you have in your home, so when you want to install one in your room, you’ll have to consider them. How much space can you dedicate to a wardrobe in your room? 


If your room is big enough, your built-in robe won’t take up much space. While if your room is small, your built-in robes will have to cover the entirety of your walls.  


Another thing that determines how much space your built-in robes take is your clothes. Therefore, you should put your belongings into consideration when designing your built-in robe. 


Preferred Design 


There are numerous designs available with built-in robes, and this is where most of the work comes in. Choosing the wardrobe design that you want in your room will take a long time. However, here are some built-in designs that you can consider while designing your wardrobe:


  • Open or closed wardrobes: Open wardrobes don’t have doors and are easily accessible. You can go for built-in open robes if you’d rather not deal with the hassle of choosing doors or finishes for your wardrobe. However, this design has some problems because there’s less privacy, and anyone can see your things on display.  


Closed wardrobes, meanwhile, are the most common choice because they give you more creative leeway. For example, you can have floral print doors or make them blend with the décor of your home. However, some of the cons of closed wardrobes are that they’re more expensive to design, and issues may arise with the doors. 


Storage Efficiency 


Your dream built-in wardrobe needs to have enough space for everything you have. Folding all your clothes will take up more space than necessary because everything will be in a pile. Instead, create enough hanging space in your wardrobe so that you can put up all your jeans, shirts, belts or bags etc.  


Now, let’s move to how you can make the most of the space available to you. Most built-in robes have ceiling space which people tend to leave empty. Make the most of that space by placing your shoes there. Keep your underwear or bedsheets in the bottom drawer or cabinets you have. 


Storage efficiency is important because it helps you make the most of the space in your Adelaide home. 


This guide is enough to give you the dream wardrobe design you need. Apart from this guide, you’ll need a professional and skilled wardrobe designer, and this is where we come in. Hills Robes has given hundreds of Adelaide homeowners their built-in dream wardrobe; wouldn’t you like to get yours? Message us with the ideas you have in mind.



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