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5 Tips To Think About When Buying A Walk-In Robe

5 Tips To Think About When Buying A Walk-In Robe

Your walk in robe should be practical, functional but also a work of art. It should be a part of your Adelaide home that adds a sense of luxury and wow factor to your interior space. However, first and foremost a utility space is there for a practical service, and it’s not a renovation you want to have to re-design and build more than once.

So when it comes time for you to design your walk-in robe, we’ve listed some design tips and tricks for you to follow to get the most out of your new walk-in wardrobe.


Hanging Space


Be sure you have enough hanging space to accommodate your formal clothing as well as everyday items. Yes, you will save room by installing double hangers, but be sure to include ample hanging space for suits and long dresses. Otherwise, you may find yourself wishing you had.


Consider Your Sight Lines


No matter how tidy you are, a large wardrobe can just look messy. The abundance of various colours, fabrics and shapes will automatically give the space a visually messy look, even if it is rigorously ordered. Consider installing doors if your wardrobes contents are visible from the rest of the bedroom; this will tidy up your spaces overall visual.


Lighting Is Important


Your walk in robe is often engineered to provide you with smart space-saving solutions, and more often than not, these spaces are not well lit. Darker robes prove harder to keep tidy and fail to provide you with a space that adequately displays your fashion options. By having your walk-in robe adequately lit, you will create a pleasant area that not only serves its purpose but is an asset to your home.


Colour Choice


Keep in mind that the colour choices you make for your walk-in robe now are more than likely to be in your home for years to come. We recommend choosing a natural colour palette, that way it will remain modern and fresh for years to come and is adaptable to your home should you decide to undergo any renovations.




Be sure to keep some space free to install a full-length mirror. You’ll find this a fundamental necessity when getting ready, especially in your walk-in robe. Mirrors also provide the illusion of a bigger room. At Hills Robes and Kitchens, we offer doors with mirror finishes allowing you to have an entire mirror panel.

If you’re looking for the experts in walk-in robes in Adelaide, get in contact with the team at Hills Robes and Kitchens.

Our wardrobe experts will work with you to create the walk-in wardrobe you’ve always wanted!




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