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5 Tips for Keeping Your Adelaide Kitchen from Dating!

5 Tips for Keeping Your Adelaide Kitchen from Dating!

Building a brand new kitchen in your Adelaide home can be crazy expensive! From cabinets to countertops and appliances, the costs can add up quickly. So, if you are already making such a significant investment, you better make sure its a good one!

By keeping your new kitchen design classic and timeless, you can get the most use out of your brand new space! Sure, trends can be appealing, but flashy designs typically lose their charm quickly. There’s nothing worse than renovating your kitchen or designing a new one, only to hate it a few years later.

If you want to create a kitchen space that’s a real investment you’ll love through the years, read on!


´╗┐Here Are 5 Tips to Stick to If You Want Your Adelaide Kitchen Design to Be Timeless:



Go for the classic tile designs

If you are planning to incorporate tiling in your kitchen walls, make sure you choose wisely. Choosing extravagant or colourfully painted tiles might sound like a good idea at first. Yet, if the colours or shapes go out of style, you’ll be stuck with a kitchen that looks ugly or outdated. Instead, stick to the classics. If a particular type of tile has been around for several decades, it’s most likely not going anywhere! Subway tiles are a great example of this.


Choose Natural Materials

The elements of nature are always a safe bet for your kitchen design. The human mind is designed to appreciate the beauty of nature. Not only do we enjoy looking at things that remind us of nature, but they also have a calming effect. For this reason, nature-inspired elements work amazingly inside your home. You can bring this concept into your kitchen by using wood, grey stone or marble on counters, cabinets or kitchen islands. You can even go all out with wood floors or stone-inspired cabinets.


Stick to a Neutral Colour Palette

Neutrals are your interior design BFFs. Neutral colour palettes are pleasant to the eye and will never go out of style! Don’t let their simplicity fool you. Neutrals are everything but boring. In fact, you can create all kinds of looks using only neutrals. Go for an elegant black and white kitchen with marble surfaces or a warm one with cream or tan with wood accents. With a little creativity, everything can be done! Best of all? Your Adelaide kitchen will look good for years to come.


Avoid Over the Range Microwaves

A few years ago, embedding your microwave into overhead cabinets was all the rage! But as time passes and kitchens design changes, this has become a colossal style “don’t”. For one, kitchens don’t really include much wall space at all. Open floor plans are far more functional and modern. With wall cabinets becoming sparse, using storage and workspace wisely is a must. That means there’s no longer any point on sticking your microwave to the wall. Instead, opt for clean surfaces.


Say No to Tile Countertops

Tile is still a great option in the kitchen – but only when we are talking about walls. When it comes to countertops, however, tiling is best avoided. Clean lines and smooth finishes are in. That means that having the visual clutter of dingy grout lines all over your cooking space is no longer an option. Instead choose marble, granite or even grey concrete for a sophisticated modern look.



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