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5 Things You Should Think of When Designing a New Kitchen!

5 Things You Should Think of When Designing a New Kitchen!

February 21, 2021


Kitchen renovations are always very exciting as it’s a chance for you to upgrade your Adelaide home’s kitchen. If you love cooking, you most likely understand the importance of good kitchen design and equipment.  The wrong design can make cooking stressful and a chore, so you have to be careful when designing a kitchen. 

Renovations are a chance to let your creative juices flow, but you should also be meticulous while picking out designs. So, for your new kitchen comes out great, here are 5 things you should be thinking about when designing a new kitchen

Your Budget

After saving many kitchen inspirations from Pinterest, you’re most likely very eager to start your kitchen renovation. But you’re forgetting one important thing, your budget. Most of the lavish designs you see on Pinterest cost a lot of money, and you might not have that much to spare. When you’re saving kitchen designs, make sure to look at how affordable the components are.

Choosing kitchen designs based on your budget will let you have more realistic expectations and reduce disappointment. So, what’s your budget?

A Complementary Design

Everything in your Adelaide home has to complement each other. And when you’re only doing a kitchen renovation, it’s easy to run wild and forget the rest of the house. One thing that adds to the beauty of a kitchen is how it complements the rest of the home. And you don’t want a kitchen that’ll look odd. Choose kitchen designs that will add or complement the beauty of your Adelaide home.


If you’re a heavy kitchen user, you’ll need to focus on how functional you want your new kitchen to be. Don’t be so focused on the aesthetic aspect that you forget to add enough walking room. Or concentrate too much on the countertop design that you don’t add enough drawer space. Ensure that your kitchen is strong enough to bear the heavy work that goes on in the kitchen.


Your kitchen is only as good as the equipment you have inside it. Make sure that everything in your kitchen is of the highest quality. The wood of your drawers and cabinets must be of the highest quality and the tiles also. Using low-quality pieces will cost you a lot in the long run because you’ll spend heavily on repairs. 

Make sure you’re very involved in the kitchen renovation process, so you’re not given substandard equipment. 


Ensure that the company that will be in charge of your kitchen renovation knows what they’re doing. Go for an experienced Adelaide interior design company that knows how to bring designs to life. The wrong company can destroy your kitchen and make the renovation process harder than it’s meant to be. So, you should hire only the best.

And speaking of the best, Hills robes is the best for kitchen renovations in Adelaide. We have years of experience and can bring any design to life. 

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