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5 Things You Must Include in Your Wardrobe Design

5 Things You Must Include in Your Wardrobe Design

Wardrobes used to come in standard sizes and designs; usually, with just one pole and maybe a couple of drawers or shelves. That is not the case anymore. Today’s wardrobes are all about the options and versatility they present.
At Hills Robes, our 35 years of experience make us understand that wardrobes are not just storage places. We believe they should also reflect your needs and personality. That is why all of our wardrobes are custom-made and built to measure to perfectly suit your Adelaide home.

Whether walk-in or built-in, our wardrobes will solve your storage problems without taking much room from your Adelaide home. It is advisable to have a designated place for every item to make use of the space in your wardrobe efficiently. These five must-haves will help you achieve that:


Shoe Racks

Keeping your shoes under the bed will decrease their lifespan and clutter in your room. To properly store your shoes, you do not have to build a large walk-in wardrobe. Shoe racks of any size will keep your shoe pairs together, make them visible and easy to find.

To save more space, you can build deep shoe racks and put the shoes you do not regularly wear deeper in the back.


Pigeon Hole Boxes

If not correctly stored, belts and ties can get tangled and knotted, cluttering your wardrobe. To tame the mess, you should add pigeon hole boxes to your wardrobes. These boxes will provide a room large enough to fit one belt or tie, preventing it from getting tangled.


Mirror Panels

We all need a full-length mirror either in or near our wardrobes. In spacious walk-in wardrobes, you can dedicate a wall in the room for a full-length mirror. For smaller rooms, mirror panels are the way to go.
With mirror panels on your wardrobes, you will not need to put other mirrors in the room.


Deep and Shallow Drawers

Who said you have to stick to only one standard size of drawers? Each piece of clothing needs a different storage space. That is why you should install drawers of different sizes to cater to your needs.
By extending the depth of your drawers, they will fit your bulky items, like pullovers and sweaters. For smaller items, like socks and undergarments, your wardrobes need shallow drawers.


Flexible Wardrobes Systems

Through the designing phase of your wardrobes, you think about your current storage needs. With time the number and nature of your items change; you give away some clothes and buy new ones. Your needs change and so should your wardrobes, too.

Wardrobe systems that give you the flexibility to change, add or remove storage units are what your Adelaide home needs.

At Hills Robes, our modular design allow us to tailor your Adelaide wardrobes to meet your changing storage requirements. With our adjustable shelves, you will be able to adjust the length of your storage space as needed.

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